Where are the Oak Trees in Oakland now?

This question is being raised in Oakland CA now more than ever. There is the urge among the local population, young and old to see the city lined with oak trees again. The city got its name due to the abundance of oak trees in and around the place. With city development getting priority, the oak trees had to give way to buildings. Pictures of oak trees can be seen only in the museum. There is now a newfound love for the oak tree and hopefully, some years down the line, you may see more oak trees in Oakland.

The History of Oakland’s Oaks

Oakland, with all its oak trees, was called the ‘oak woodlands‘ by the Mexicans who came to settle in these parts. Before them, the area was inhabited by a tribe called Ohlone. They were displaced by the Spanish. Oakland with its current name came into being in 1852. This was done through legislative action in California. Oakland got its railroad and seaports in due course of time. It is only in the early 1900’s that the oak trees began to be removed to make way for habitation and city development. Some oak trees have been preserved and can be seen even today. However, the city of Oakland misses its oak trees.

Many Varieties of Oaks

The oak tree has many varieties, as many as 19. The tree has this unique quality of living for hundreds of years. The activist groups now attempting to replant the oak trees to make Oakland look beautiful again are first trying to educate people on all these facts. Once people are told about the merits of the oak tree, they explain how the oak trees have to be made part of the city’s landscape, never to be removed again. It could be a tall order but once a movement like this gathers momentum, it is difficult to stop it.

They are making and distributing t-shirts and bumper stickers to promote the idea. At least one group has plans to donate oak trees to the residents of the city. The plants are being incubated in plastic buckets and the distribution will be made once they grow big enough. These are long term plans.

Sincere efforts by those in the power in the past could not stop the oak trees from being felled. It is now hoped that these public-driven movements can do what the governments could not do. It does take efforts from such committed individuals to take good work to its logical conclusion. Once the city gets a reasonable number of oak trees back on the streets and the years of homes, they may stay there forever.

Oak Trees Need to be Cared For

If you live in Oakland and get an oak tree in our yard, take adequate care of them. They need to be watered regularly. You must get them trimmed once in 3-5 years. An agency like Bay Tree Removal Service could do the job for you. Contact them to have the tree examined and follow their advice.