Day: <span>December 5, 2020</span>

Pine trees have a naturally neat shape, which gives beautiful scenery, and it is always a tough decision to cut it down. However, if your tree is dying, blocking power lines, obstructing a project, or slanting dangerously, you have to get rid of the tree.

Although pine trees are relatively easy to remove since their roots grow in an outward direction rather than downward, you need to know what you are getting into and approach it thoughtfully.

Safety should be your priority; hence ensure you are equipped with the right equipment and safety gear. To remove a pine tree, you need a shovel, chainsaw, ax, work gloves, safety goggles, ladder, ear protection, rope, and stump grinder.

Here are some of the pine tree removal tips.

Cut the tree

Before cutting a tree, you have to establish which direction it will fall. It is also important to measure the tree’s height to understand how much space it will take as you do not want the tree to fall on something valuable, for instance, your car or your neighbor’s house.

The first step you have to cut off protruding branches and then use a chainsaw to make a cut on the side facing the direction it needs to fall. Cut halfway through the trunk, then follow this up with a downward cut, which goes towards the tree’s center, merging with the first cut. Always ensure you get clear of the tree before it falls.

Clear the tree base

When the tree is down, remove the soil at the base of the tree using a shovel. Ensure you dig around the circumference of the tree until the largest roots are exposed. It is advised that you always water the soil around the tree a day before to soften it for easier digging.

Cut the surface roots.

To remove the tree, you have to get rid of the surface roots. Using a chain saw, cut the major roots and detach them from the stump. Do not worry about the minor roots left as they will rot away with time.

Remove the stump

While some homeowners choose to leave the stump, it is recommended you get rid of the stump, too, since it may contain insects and weeds. Stumps can also ruin the beauty of your landscape.

There are three methods which you can use to remove the stump ;

  • Grinding- This is where you cut the stump as close as possible to the ground using a chainsaw and later a stump grinder to chip away the remaining wood entirely.
  • Chemically, you drill holes on the stump and apply potassium nitrate, enabling the wood to rot quickly. Later chop the wood with an ax and burn what remains.
  • Rotting- This is where you let the wood rot after some moths and then remove the softened wood with a shovel.


Pine tree removal is not as straightforward as other DIY jobs like painting your house but is a herculean task that needs to be approached thoughtfully. With the correct equipment, safety gear, and confidence, it’s a simple task.

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